Commercial Solar Power Systems in Manitoba

Commercial solar energy systems are the up-and-coming solution for many businesses in Manitoba. Why not consider a cost-effective renewable energy source for your company?

With the ever-rising cost of running your business, you want to cut your budget without compromising your service. One of your biggest expenses is electricity, and it’s also one that raises rates each year. Many businesses have cut their operating costs and reduced their carbon footprint by installing commercial solar panels.

Serving the Outer Winnipeg Area, Including Brandon, MB

Solar panel installation is booming in Winnipeg, and why not? The benefits of

commercial solar energy systems far outweigh the cost of installing commercial solar power panels. Living Skies Solar provides commercial solar panel installation to the outer Winnipeg area, and we’d love to help your business save, too.

  • Our custom systems are built to fit your structure and provide the power you need. Living Skies Solar offers both ground-mount and rooftop solar panels because each location requires a unique solution.
  •  Living Skies Solar employs expert solar installers. Our in-house team takes care of the entire process from permits to design to installation and hook-up. Our electricians work with our inverter manufacturers and Manitoba Hydro to ensure you get the most cost-effective system available.
  • We regard maintenance services as an integral part of our business. Our mounting fixtures and racks are built to withstand harsh weather conditions; our ground mounts can handle winds of 105 mph. Should your commercial solar system sustain damage, call us and we’ll send our crew immediately to assess the problem.
  • At Living Skies Solar, we believe in outstanding customer support. We offer financial assistance, rebate programs through Manitoba Hydro, and free remote monitoring of your commercial solar system for five years after installation.

An Added Bonus

Businesses can cash in on significant tax incentives for installing commercial solar energy systems, so call Living Skies Solar today at 204-615-6340 to learn more about renewable energy and the advantages of solar power or to claim your free estimate.

Living Skies Solar is headquartered in Headingley, Manitoba. We take pride in tailoring systems for businesses in the outer perimeter of Winnipeg and points west to Brandon, MB. If you’re searching for commercial solar system companies in Manitoba, look no further.