Manitoba Hydro

One of North Americas largest clean energy providers is now incorporating solar energy


Manitoba’s future with solar energy

The Power Smart Solar Program was the best of its kind in North America, but unfortunately Manitoba Hydro has halted the program due to a high volume of applications, as of May 1, 2018.

A MB solar rebate program may be returning in 2019, although the final decision will be made by Efficiency Manitoba, a newly created Crown corporation now responsible for administering energy efficiency programs in Manitoba.

Even without a rebate, solar energy is still an option for Manitoba residents and Living Skies Solar will always be the company you can trust. 


Manitoba Solar program


mB hydro Power Smart Program

  • Available to residents, farms, and businesses.

  • Generate up to 200kW(DC).

  • MB Hydro rebate will cover $1.00/watt (Maximum of $200,000.00).

  • Receive full credit for excess power.

  • Unused credited power is banked in your MB Hydro account and payments can be requested at any time.

Manitoba Hydro Financing

  • Available to primary residences

  • For solar system sizes up to 10kW(DC)

  • Financing conditions:

    • 15 year loan (180 monthly payments).

    • 4.9% interest rate.


Take advantage of the Manitoba Hydros Power Smart Program with Living Skies Solar today!

We'll take care of the entire process from start to finish.


mounting options


Ground Mounted

Typically the best option for rural customers with large electricity bills.

Facing south, optimally angled to the sun, ground mounts generate the most electricity possible.


Fence-less, concrete pile foundation with c-channel and super purlin construction.


Typically rural or agricultural.

Inverter Types

String inverters with dual maximum power point tracking.


Roof Mounted

A common option for residential home owners. South facing roofs are ideal, but some east and west facing roofs also have potential. Houses with large roofs often wipe out their bill entirely.


Feet mounted or rail and clamp mounting systems.
Racking type is dependent on roof material.


Urban or rural.

Inverter Types

String inverters with smart power point tracking for each individual panel.




Save money on a bill you have always had to pay. After installing a 30-year solar system to net-zero the electricity consumption of your property, you have locked in your cost of your electricity over that time period. While electricity rates rise each year, the loan payment on a financed solar system remains the same. Typical financing is done over 10-15 years. Once a loan is paid, customers have 10-20 years of clean, warrantied power production. 

  • save immediately

  • own your power

  • Protect yourself from rising energy costs


solar project Process



Start with a free estimate to see if solar is right for you


We'll visit your site to discuss the project and survey your property


A complete solar system will be designed and engineered for your unique site


Your project will be installed and inspected


We'll set you up with lifetime web monitoring


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