**Note: Presented is a 100 kW system, this is the maximum size SaskPower will allow for both the Net Metering and Small Produces Programs**

Energy Production

100 kW system performance during year one, at 0.142/watt

System Summary

  • System Size: 100 kW
  • Annual Production: 152,586 kWh
  • Customers Current Annual Utility Production: $21,691
  • Annual Utility Escalator: 5%
  • Monthly Electricity Production: $1,808
  • Initial System Cost: $300,000

Array 1 & Array 2

  • Tilt: 35%
  • Azimuth:180% with 3'' Air Gap
  • PV Panels:135 x Polycrystalline 370 W panels
  • Inverters: 4 x Fronius USA


Each system comes with a 25 year warranty on the Solar Panels, Up to 25 year warranty for Inverters, And 5 Years FREE service warranty

Cash Flow Breakdown

With an initial investment of $300,000 at a 3.5% interest rate, this system will have you cash flow positive by year 4.

If SaskPower rates continue to increase at 5% / year, 25 year savings will be $700,000. Keep in mind an additional $20,000 will be taken off the initial investment by the SaskPower Rebate program for the Net Metering Program.

Should you apply to the Small Power Producers Program with this same system, and lock-in for 40 years, $1,018,000 will be profited by year 40.