Saskatchewan Rebate

Saskatchewans primary energy provider, SaskPower, will provide you with a one-time rebate equivalent to 20% of your solar systems equipment and installation costs to a maximum of $20,000.

Manitoba Rebate

Known to be the best rebate of its kind in all of Canada, Manitoba Hydro will cover $1.00 per DC watt, for up to $200,000. Financing options will also be available for systems up to 10kW(DC).

Local Solar Programs

Most energy providers provide opportunites for their customers to invest in renewable resources, encouraging the community to consider the environmentally friendly options of powering their home. Incentives, cash rebates, and financing options could be available through your provider. Click here to learn more


About Us

With over 140 completed solar installs and nearly 700kW of projects in progress, Living Skies Solar is passionate about contributing to Canada's transition to renewable energy. Owned and operated by Steve Makway, Steve and the team have grown to be one of the largest solar companies in Western Canada in less than 3 years. 

Living Skies Solar works closely with both SaskPower and Manitoba Hydro to make the solar ownership dreams of customers a reality. We help our customers take advantage of  their local solar rebate programs, and tailor our designs to meet their unique needs.

Our work consists of everything from residential roofs, commercial roofs, ground mouts, or hybrid roof and ground. Contact us today and we'll design a system that works for you.

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