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Ground Mount

Ground mount are typically the best option for those in rural areas. If you have a high electricity bill, a ground mounted system may be your best option. With the ground space to work with, we can install a system large enough to offset your entire bill. This system would face directly south, optimally angled toward the sun, generating the most efficient power production.



Residential Roof

We're able to measure the dimensions of your current roof, draw out a design, and maximize the offset to your hydro bill. If you would like to completely off-set your hydro bill, and your property has the space, you can consider a ground mounted system.


Commercial Roof

A commercial roof is not something we shy away from. We are able to accommodate for flat roofs, and low angle warehouse roofs. With a combination of these options we are able to maximize the off-set to your hydro bill. And with our 25 year warranty on our solar panels, we will be saving your business thousands of dollars each year.